How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 2023 (The Smart Way)

Vicky Hui
7 min readJan 16, 2023
ecommerce with dropshipping
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash


If you have been reading my articles, you’ll know I am obsessed with finding ways to create multiple income streams working online. This allows me to work for myself, have complete freedom to travel and enjoy everything life has to offer.

In this article, I am sharing one of the best ways to make this possible without much investment — dropshipping. And the easist way to start in 2023.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping has been a popular method of running an ecommerce business in recent years. It’s become more and more common for people to start their own dropshipping business as a way to avoid investing capital into inventory and logistics on the front end, and then make money on the back end by selling products through their store.

The basic idea is that you don’t have your own inventory of any products; instead you buy from third-party suppliers that helps to handle logistic when someone orders something from your store.

Your website receive an order, place an order with one of these suppliers, who ships it directly to your customer without having gone through any other intermediary steps along the way — thus “dropping” it off at their door just like they requested!

In the past, starting a dropshipping business was harder than it is today. You had to find suppliers who would ship your products and then create an online platform where potential customers could purchase them.

Nowadays, there are some great tools that make this process easier for anyone who wants to start their own dropshipping business in 2023. If you’re interested in learning more about dropshipping, then read on!

How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 2023

Starting a dropshipping business means you will have to find the right suppliers, set up an online store then use social media to market and promote your products to the right audience.

Supply sourcing is one of the most important, and difficult parts of starting a dropshipping business. You’ll need to find suppliers who offer quality products at competitive prices so that you can…