7 Things You Must Include In an EPK

Vicky Hui
5 min readJan 28, 2021
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Regardless of the size of your company, you can be sure of one thing: you need an EPK. A high-quality electronic press kit can make a substantial difference when marketing your company and recruiting media or investors.

Below, we’ve included all you need to start putting together an effective kit.

What Is an EPK?

EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit. A press kit, or sometimes we call it a media kit, is a file or document that contains information about your business, product, or event. This file is often delivered to the media, investors, or even potential clients as an initial introduction of your company. An EPK is the digital version of the press kit which usually contains different types of content and media in various formats.

Why Do You Need an Electronic Press Kit?

In the digital era, we no longer only read paper mails and newsletters, we exchange information via emails and store information on the cloud.

This file is the foundation for the marketing to the press and media. Instead of media asking different questions to you or searching the internet for information about your company, you will be sending this EPK that you have carefully curated and impress them with your vision for your company.

It Gives You More Control

An electronic press kit allows you to present yourself as to how you want to be seen. It allows you to control the message your audience will receive and the images they will be exposed to. The media editors or writers can use the official information to quote in their articles if they do decide to promote your company or brand on their platform. And you will want them to quote the company story from the press kit instead of product reviews on Amazon.

It Saves Time

After you take on a new client, you can present all of your company information through a press kit rather than spending hours answering questions. Doing this not only saves yours but also saves other people’s time.

It Allows You to Promote a Specific Service/Event

Vicky Hui